Forty plus French Riviera street style. What to pack for a vacation in Cannes?

The French Riviera has been long known as one of the playgrounds for the rich and famous. If this summer you'll travel to the French Riviera, or simply wish to spend the summer in the streets looking like you’re going to the French Riviera, remember that the style a beautiful mix between edgy and Parisian chic. Unless you intend to visit the Casino at Monte Carlo or spend an evening in a Michelin starred restaurant, the dress code is refined casual in summer. Think vibrant colors... It’s time to flaunt your tan in breezy summer ensembles and flowy silhouettes. Like the beautiful lady at 1:12, you may think of a bright red sleeveless dress and a designer handbag or you may opt for a maxi red print dress in a soft flowing silhouette with a deep V neckline 2:48. A pleated skirt paired with a bright yellow top 0:43, or a blue chiffon dress with ruffle detail, 3:18. Another color to consider is white. You can never go wrong with light neutral color outfits preferably in white, cream, beige, and khaki, such as an airy white dress 0:10, a pair of linen pants and a white shirt 1:24, a white shirt paired with denim shorts. Craving something more edgy...think a metallic bronze leather skirt paired with a cream silk top 2:10...Make any kind of outfit French Riviera ready by adding woven bags, wide-brimmed fedoras, straw hats, and chic sunglasses. On a different note...this is a very exciting weekend in France. It's Bastille Day! And the World Cup Final is tomorrow. Happy Bastille Day! Have a great weekend.
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