Flyfishing For Trout In Swedish Lapland – Documentary

Tourism and large scale industries seldom agree on how to use natural resources.Guide businesses face difficulty running small scale, ecological tourism, while the mining industry and logging companies can easily obtain permits to conduct their line of work, which leaves behind a shattered natural environment.

How should we consider the future and the commercial use of nature? What place does tourism have in this context and how can we defend luxury trips using helicopters to fly into the mountains?

Tomas Jönsson and Fredrik Broman discuss some heavy subjects, but there is also time for small talk between friends. A lot of the talk is of course circling around fishing in general, and around trout in particular. The joy and comradeship by the streams is genuine and blossoms into many memorable thoughts.

All the material was filmed in the Arjeplog mountains and Ritsem (right by the Laponia World Heritage region), in the summer of 2012. That year some parts of the mountains didn't experience any summer at all, and at many times fly-fishing was done in gusty winds and rain, a couple of times it even snowed! But everybody stayed in a good mood!

Besides Tomas and Fredrik, we also meet some of their friends that came along on the different trips. Seriousness and humor in a delicious mix. A great film to watch even if you aren't crazy about fishing.