Fly Fishing for CARP on Bushy Black & Olive Tail WOOLLY BUGGERS

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Fly Fishing for Carp & SUBSCRIBER THANKS - Bushy Black Body & Olive Tail WOOLLY BUGGER. The past year I had a few shots at some big carp on the fly but they did not commit or I dropped them until today. I caught carp on corn and worms when i was a youngster but never stuck and landed a carp with a fly until today. I employed two things suggested by 2 of my subscribers. Frank Zima who always starts with a Black and Olive Woolly Bugger and SOUTH FORK SALT who gave me a tip on enticing a bite. The combination of the two help me land a beautiful carp today. Thanks Frank and thanks SFS!

This has been my "White Whale" this past year. I am still alive and I have another whale to chase already. I found my new whale this same day. That is just my nature, luck, and karma. But I think i may chase some carps first! I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.
Carp Fishing