FlightFactor A320 Part 4 - RNAV Approach [X-Plane]

Part 4 of the FlightFactor A320 series. Learn to fly the A320 with a real A320 pilot.

On approach to Chalons, LFOK for the RNAV approach to runway 28. We use selected speed and VS/FPA for the intermediate approach followed by FINAL APP for the final approach to LNAV/VNAV minimums. A vertical profile was worked out to allow a mostly continuous descent approach.

Part 5 is due 28st March 2018 and will look at TRK/FPA for a VOR approach.

Errors, Omissions, Simplifications, Clarifications :-

1) To be completely clear, the way the FlightFactor A320 descent is modelled is still not exactly like the real thing, but it is possible to fly a realistic RNAV approach with the model. The intermediate constraints and FINAL APP engagement conditions are the key area where it's different. For the model aim to fly level towards the FAF with APPR mode selected and it will work correctly. Activate approach early and select speeds as required. I'll feed back what I can to FlightFactor but as I mentioned the documentation is the limitation.

2) There are a number of rules around when a FINAL APP mode (managed vertical, managed horizontal) approach can be performed or when a NAV/FPA or TRK/FPA is required . In a recreational sim this is less important.

3) I used the LNAV/VNAV minimums from the chart which is appropriate for the A320. LPV cannot be used, but both LNAV/VNAV and LNAV only minimums can be used with FINAL APP mode.

4) Various different rules of thumb are available for managing the descent, in this case we stuck with 3 miles / 1000 feet is roughly 3 degrees, and 500fpm, 240 kts groundspeed equates to roughly 4 miles minute, so 1000 ft over 8 miles. On the channel there are also Descent Planning groundschool and IXEG 737 videos which may help with managing descents.
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