Fishing for Grass Carp - How to catch grass carp - Carp fishing tips and techniques

Fishing for grass carp is a ton of fun. Me and the boys went hunting for a 30+lb grass carp and along the way we will share tips and techniques of how to catch grass carp. carp bait, carp rigs, rods and reels and more. We camped all night by our rods and landed some awesome fish. This turned out to be an amazing fishing video.

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Rod Hutchinson Boiles
Fox Method feeder

Method Feeders
Bait stops
Baiting Needle
Fake corn
Korda Fake Corn
Pretied Hair Rigs
Korda Kwik Links
Helicopter Sleeves

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The Video Editing Software is Sony Vegas 15.0
Canon T5i (700D)
GoPro Hero 5+ Black
GoPro Session 5+
GoPro Hero 6
Goose Neck Clamp for GoPro
Selfie Stick
Camera Tripod
LED light for DSLR camera
Gopro chest mount
Carp Fishing