First Cast, Second Cast! Steelhead On! (Winter Steelhead Crappy Tube Jig Fishing Jan 2022

I went out and fished different spots in this video. The first fish took me a while to get one, but that one I got em that one cast to second cast I landed one. I used only crappy tube jig. The bite was really hot, but I just ended losing few steelhead. I have never landed 100% steelhead. I also shown you each color of jighead and crappy tube in the video. So pay attention to jighead that I used in the video. Thank you for the supporting.
od used in this video
Rod= Broken St Croix 10.6 ft(9) MedPower Fast Action
LIne=10lbs Clear Fluoro Pline
Reel= Okuma Epixor XT 20
Hook size=1/16oz (Mustad Brand)
Crappy tube= 2" Crappy tube pearl
Bobber: 2" weighted bobber
Setup=10lbs main no leader
Depth Setup: 1 meter (3.3ft)