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Relaxing piano music, all heart podcast covenrsation, adventures of multi No. 1 Billboard charting, Dove Award winning, heart transplant recipient, Paul Cardall.

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Harvard and other prestigious universities have done clinical studies proving that listening to certain types of music boosts our immune system, reduces stress and anxiety, and can prevent dementia. In this same spirit, Paul Cardall (Car-Doll) has devoted his life to produce music that helps listeners create an atmosphere of peace. Steinway & Sons endorsed Paul Cardall as one of the finest pianists of all time. His calm, soothing, and minimal classic piano composition have stream nearly 3 billion times. He has debuted albums No. 1 on top of 11 Billboard charts. The Gospel Music Association awarded Paul a Dove Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. Paul Cardall was born, essentially, with only half a functioning heart. Doctors told his parents he’s never make it. Fortunately, a surgeon performed an innovative procedure when Paul was less than a day old. Raised in a home where Paul was encouraged to trust God, he continued to survive although he would endure a series of open heart surgeries and ultimately a heart transplant in 2009. Paul discovers the gift of music after a losing a friend. Finding comfort in music, Paul would go from playing his music in his parents living room to sold out concerts worldwide including a recent performance at the White House.
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