Condor 767! | 10 Minutes of Plane Spotting @ T.F Green

Aviation Fridays! I got to record my first wide-body!!! A 763! I really enjoyed spotting at T.F Green because there wasn't only bigger planes...There was a lot of planes!! All this footage was taken within an hour of each other! Yes its not a lot for most people, but compared to BTV It is!! Sorry about the wind noise you can hear throughout the video, it was really windy that day! For some reason when I watch it on my laptop it looks like the exposure is high, but on my phone it's perfect. Tell me if it looks high cause I'll change it. Tomorrow I will be posting some Sunset spotting as well as night spotting! I will also, be posting some rail fanning videos that I took along my journey here! So look forward to that. Ok. I have a question for ya'll. I have a few videos of Boating, Four wheeling, fishing, etc. I'm not sure if I should post them on this channel or not. I thought about keeping this channel Plane Spotting and Rail Fanning and making another channel for outdoorsy stuff. What do you think. post em' here, or make another channel? Also, kinda far away, but in February we will be going on vacation. We want to fly (Southwest of course) but not sure where we want to go. We were thinking about Tampa , but still not sure. So leave your suggestions down in the comments! Thanks for watching! Enjoy!

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Filmed with an Iphone 6S (64GB)

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