Coming out of lockdown: A short Covid-19 update from Norway

Here's a short video on how things are going in Norway as we are one of the first countries in Europe to really ease up on the lockdown restrictions. For us it's time to start figuring out what the heck happened these past few months. Finally we are able to start walking up a new path. UPDATE: PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE HOW you have experienced the past few weeks below! This is definitely a good time to share thoughts!

The global impact on Covid-19 which we all have had to face has most certainly left many lasting effects. What comes next? I propose in the coming time of reflections to set a new and better path for ourselves into the future. Let's leave our previous addictions on arm's length. Let's seek nature, and our roots and try to avoid falling straight back into the "A4" fold of everyday life once lockdowns ease up all over. We have a great opportunity right now to choose to stay away from that in life which drains our energy the most, leaving us exhausted and with limited breathing space. I hope we all can take advantage of that in the coming weeks and months!

And here is a link to the trailer of the upcoming TV show American Runestone, which I talk a little about in this video:
The series will air on June 21st in Scandinavia. We don't know yet about other places unfortunately.

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