Carp Academy 2017 - Korda Carp Fishing

Danny Fairbrass and Ali Hamidi return with more young carp fishing enthusiasts in Carp Academy 2017. Budding young anglers from across the country came together to take part in Carp Academy 2017, a FREE program run by Korda Developments to encourage young anglers and teach them life long fishing skills. We took some fantastic and enthusiastic 13-17 year old carp anglers to Embryo Anglings Phils Lake, Oxfordshire. We then assigned them to some of Team Korda's finest angling minds including Tom Dove, Darrell Peck, Simon Scott. Every element of carp fishing was taught including the fundamentals like having a sharp hook, finding the fish and being as accurate as possible.

Lessons were learned, fish were caught and plenty of laughs were had. Thank you to everyone who took part especially the students, we are already seeing the rewards from catch shots they send us on a regular basis and I’m sure we will have a few in Team Korda soon. With the 2018 Carp Academy just weeks away we are so ready to do it all again…

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