Black Bream on the Lures | Jersey Channel Islands | Bass Fishing EP 11

Take me back to those summer days where the fishing is off the cuff. When every cast you feel like something is going to happen, every pull of the rod could be a new species.

On this particular afternoon it was Carnage, fish after fish, species after species, Bream after bream... on lures!!! Using Fish minnows to start we quickly realised that there was was an abundance of White bait and sandeels in the run and turned to small 20-40g metals in pink, silver and blue. Nailing all sorts and loosing out on some better fish in the process.

This is what makes jersey so special in the summer months, you just never know what you could pull in. Whats chasing the bait or what lurks in the deeper areas. A week before this we spotted the tuna off Jerseys East coast and in this video (you don't see them) they were around a kilometre from us busting up franticly.

What an Afternoon.

"Never stop the Adventure!"

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