Bank fishing for catfish - Catching catfish with bluegill

Bank fishing for catfish. Catching catfish with bluegill. How to catch catfish with bluegill.

For more information about the rods and reels I used to catch catfish https://youtu.be/nO30jzaP_SM

For more information about my catfishing rigs check out https://youtu.be/EgbBeCBHang

For more information about bite alarms check out https://youtu.be/60uQB8Z8oP8

For more information about catching catfish with blue gill check out https://youtu.be/NoBgQKl5fwk

For a video about fishing for catfish in a pond https://youtu.be/JKlq5if3f5A

For my top 8 catfish baits check out https://youtu.be/r86fjEtxPgY

for more information about catfishing check out www.catsandcarp.com
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