AO Cooler Fishing Backpack!

The AO insulated soft-sided backpack cooler is part of my main gear for day hikes from sandy beaches to lava boulders & reef at night. Storing most fish under 10lb are no problem. If i'm lucky to get something larger i'll fillet it & use freezer bags to bring dinner home.

I'm happy that there is enough accessible storage to keep my fishing gear & personal belongings in check. And still there's enough room for my food & drinks with enough ice to cool everything down. If i fall backwards the back of my head is protected. If a rogue wave washes me into the water (our Waimea Bay here can get waves in excess of 30ft during the winter) this backpack can be a personal flotation device as well.

The cost is attractive. Very attractive. Been using this pack heavily for over a year. Stitching & material is still cherry. Many of my viewers that has purchased this pack is still using it. It's lighter then a hard cooler & doesn't take up much space. Since the restricted cold airspace is enclosed inside that means this bag can keep your catch cooler then a hard cooler & the ice will last longer. I was a commercial fisherman/diver for years and we knew having insulated bags was better for keeping our fish colder & fresher longer compared to hard coolers. Also they require less ice in comparison.

So if you hike mountains for trout or move along the lakes for carp this bag is for you. I go plugging & whipping along sandy beaches to rock walls & lava flows day or night. This bag can do it all. Can't believe i did this before while carrying those old heavy hard coolers.

Mahalo to Jeff Konn who reminded me how great this product is and to share my knowledge using it. Thanks for watching my videos.

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