1. A picture of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and his (first) wife Jane. Taken in the 1960’s
2. Philadelphia streetcar with a poster saying "SPIT SPREADS DEATH" during the 1918-1919 Influenza Pandemic, also known as the Spanish Flu.
3. Unearthing the GI prisoners murdered in the Malmedy Massacre. 1944.
4. "SIGHT SEERS KEEP OUT!" 75 years ago in Cologne, Germany, 06.03.1945
5. Jeanne Bauer walks with a DynaTAC mobile phone on 6th Avenue in New York, accompanied by John Mitchell, the Motorola engineer behind the phone. (1973) Mobile phone.
6. The Space Shuttle Challenger as it launches from Cape Canaveral for the STS-7 space mission, June 18th, 1983.
7. A scarecrow guards a seaside field for an evacuated Japanese immigrant farmer in Los Angeles for inland internment camps, c. March 1942
8. President Lyndon B. Johnson sings with his dog, Yuki, at the LBJ ranch near Stonewall, Texas, while his grandson, Patrick Lyndon Nugent, looks on, on Jan. 6, 1968
9. Iowa’s living Statue of Liberty image was taken at Camp Dodge in Iowa and used eighteen thousand men. (1918)
10. Emperor Taisho of Japan in the robes of the Order of the Garter c 1912.
11. A Syrian woman distributing food and clothes to Greek refugees in Syria. The front page of Huna al-Quds newspaper 1943 (77 years ago)
12. Cetshwayo ka Mpande, the leader of the Zulu Kingdom, ca. 1885
13. Kathrine Switzer been pulled back by men trying to stop her from finishing the Boston marathon in 1967. She was the first ever woman to cross the marathon fishing line.
14. The aftermath of the Wall Street Bombing on Sept. 16. 1920. A horse-drawn carriage packed with dynamite had exploded outside of the headquarters of J.P. Morgan & Co. ©NY Daily News.
15. U.S. Army troops operate a machine gun in Lexington, Kentucky to deter rioters from lynching Will Lockett, a black man who is on trial for killing a young white girl (February 10, 1920)
16. After a V bomb attack on Antwerp. 1944.
17. "Jimmy Carter Sledding at Camp David," 2/4/1978.
18. Soldiers paying tribute to 8 million horses and mules that died during WW1. 1915
19. "Nazi" troops parade down Portage Avenue in Winnipeg during simulated occupation of Manitoba, Canada, February 19, 1942
20. A Red Army veteran confronting an anti-communist protester in the USSR, circa 1990.
21. Ukrainian surgeon in lead apron after open-heart surgery on Chernobyl liquidator. Kiev, 1986
22. The ruins of Arras Cathedral. 1917.
23. A man in "fancy dress" as a side of bacon, designed by himself, which took the First Prize of Forty Guineas at the Covent Garden Fancy Dress Ball, in West London, April 1894
24. Three Austro-Hungarian dreadnought battleships, Pola (now Pula, Croatia), 1917
25. Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquess of Anglesey, in one of his many flamboyant theatrical costumes, Wales, ca. 1900
26. Influenza Epidemic, Mill Valley, California, 1918
27. Looking out 5-Inch gun port of the USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), Ca. 1918.
28. An Italian Army machine gun crew on Monte Grappa, circa 1918.
29. Infantrymen pose for a photograph on the Great Sphinx, at Giza, in Egypt. March, 1920.
30. Italian MAS motor torpedo boat on Lake Ladoga, Russia, October 1942
31. A crying Chinese baby amid the bombed-out ruins of Shanghai’s South Railway Station, 1937
32. The children of Tsar Nicholas II: Olga, Alexis, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, 1906
33. Easy Company captain Lewis Nixon (from Band of Brothers) poses after drinking liquor taken from Nazi military leader Hermann Göring's house the morning after V-E Day, 1945.
34. Pablo Escobar (right) poses as a gangster in Las Vegas, next to his cousin Gustavo Gaviria in the 1980s
35. Martin Scorsese and Robert Di Nero on the set of Taxi Driver,1976
36. A Fiat diesel train on the Mogadishu-Villabruzzi railway, 1930
37. Transylvanian Saxons' Church-Fortress, Circa 1925 - 1934
38. Mr. Henry J. Kaiser, right, presents President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a model of the escort carriers that he was constructing at Vancouver, Washington, on 18 March 1943. Kaiser built 50 of these CASABLANCA class carriers CVE-55-104 in 1943-44.
39. Chinese soldiers desperately throwing rocks at incoming South Koreans after they ran out of ammunition during the Battle of Triangle Hill, November 1951.
40. Protesters lynching a ÁVH (secret police in Hungary) soldier, 1956
41. A boy walks alongside British troops marching through Lille after its liberation, October 1918
42. Americans push helicopters overboard for more space on the flight deck during the withdrawal from Vietnam and the fall of Saigon, 1975.
43. Waite Park, Minn., fire department and Village Hall Aug. 14, 1983
44. Yolanda Kloppers, Miss South Africa aims m1911 pistol while visiting the troops of the Rhodesian army,Rhodesia,1970s.
45. Marilyn Monroe performing for the thousands of American troops in Korea. (1954)
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