2.85 Mile Cool Weather Flight w/ DJI Mavic 2 (Screen Record)

Had plenty of battery life, but still decided to play it safe and RTH early due to moderate wind gusts of 25 Mph. Temp was right around 36 degrees Farenheit on the ground, but I wasn't worried about voltage drop thanks to DJI's self heating batteries

I am still troubleshooting the SD card/android 7.1 compatibility issue, so I had to settle for still photos and a screen recording. Still a great flight!

Note on altitude: In some locations, the aircraft is 1000+ft AGL in reference to its take-off position and does not reflect actual altitude of its position in space. At all times the aircraft is within what I best judge as no more than 400ft. above ground. It would be nice to see DJI update this like they did with dynamic home point GPS
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