15k Sub Giveaway + Mid Season Check In Top 5 Fishing Tips/Things I've Learned in 2017

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Other than that things are chill this weekend here but her are a bunch of things I think have been pretty key

5) Biggest Surprise C & Cook was still Chain Pickerel - close to walleye in taste just a PITA w/ bones.

4) Catch and cook randomness seems to get more likes & more views then a lot of other standard stuff. That's good, it's more fun to make them.

3) Sometimes rely on your senses. My first black drum trip reminded me sometimes electronics aren't everything.

2) Vertical Jigging. Something I used to do late nights when working a day job and we would crush fish under the bridges doing this. Lately it's fallen out of favor but I should be doing this again more frequently for stripers!

1) Freshwater dreams. Finally catching good fish and Xrap 10's have made their permanent placeholder into my tackle box. I used spoons forever for a lot of these Cayuga Lake fish but we are finally seeing some quality with plugs!

Thanks for the support 20k I will do a fish with EliasVFishing for a day sort of thing just figuring out details.

All stuff is also on EliasVFishing.com Enjoy the weekend!